Another beautiful and motivating message from one of our Gymspo converts!

My journey with Jess Let me start by saying that I have tried almost every fat burner, shake and diet on the market and nothing seemed to work as well as I expected. I followed Jess’ progress and watched her body transform, which led me to wanting the same.

I started a programme with Jess in March and was weighing 55.5kgs. I was very strict and well disciplined with my eating plan, as well as my every day training routine. I just wanted to see instant results and often got despondent, but Jess never failed to keep me going. She encouraged me every single day and pushed me to my limits, even on my bad days.

After 6 weeks I saw a noticeable difference and was extremely pleased. This lead me to stay motivated and dedicated to my goal. Jess was always pleased with my progress, which kept my mind positive and motivated.

I ended my programme in July and was weighing 51.2kgs. I didn’t want to lose any more weight, but to gain lean muscle and tone all round. I was looking the best I’ve ever looked and was so grateful for Jess’s hard work, patience and continuous praise.

Jess is a fantastic coach who has your best interest at heart. She believes in you from day one and is always an inspiration in all she does.. Keep it up!!

Thank you for all you have taught me and shown me through this Journey.

Love from your friend Steph

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The following is an amazingly motivational letter from one of our clients whose life has transformed since turning to Gymspo.

I have been battling with my weight for the past 5 years… Being menopausal didn’t help .. I have tried many diets many trainers .. Even a prof of endocrinology told me accept yourself and your weight this is what happens at this age !!!!!!

I kinda thought well if this is it .. This is it!!!!

Miserable and fat .. I just carried on eating and just continue to gain until I was weighing a hefty 70 kg on my tiny 1.56 meter frame !!!

At the beginning of April this year, my daughter showed me a before and after picture of a girl she knew, I could not believe the transformation, she looked amazing. We made an appointment to meet Geoff and he explained that he will put me on a scientific eating plan and a training program .. And walking away from the appointment , I thought ok .. Last resort .. Going to give it a try !!! What have I got to lose ?????

Well 6 months later.. I have lost in excess of 17 kg of fat.. I am fitter healthier than I have been in years..

What was different about this coach / trainer .. For one Geoff cares .. He really cares about his clients .. He was there for me when the going got tough .. When I wanted to give up .. He encouraged me to stick to the plan .. He pushed me to do more and as time went by the unbelievable happened , I started to lose weight , and I wasn’t hungry !!! The gym sessions were great .. I have been doing gym for years but now I realize I was going to gym but not actually do anything beneficial,

Geoff has shown me how to train properly , he has such insight and talent , so when you work with the best .. You get the best results.
My journey is on going .. Geoff has taught me how to eat correctly .. How to train properly and with hard work dedication and commitment anything is possible.. Even for me a 50 year old women !!!

Geoff thank you, I am eternally grateful for all you have done..

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I have a fitness diploma and currently am a fitness manager within a world-class health club. My fitness background is what got me initially interested in bodybuilding and fitness shows but my background was in no way what determined my success thus far. My job is full-time and earlier this year I got out of my fitness routine and ended up gaining fat and losing muscle mass. I made a few failed attempts to get back into shape but it was not until I decided to compete in Western Province IFBB Champs that I found the motivation to stick to my fitness goals. I sought the help of Geoff and Jess from Gymspo and their expert knowledge gave me every detail I needed regarding me nutritional needs and training routine. There are many things that they taught me and even the smallest little change in my daily routine made a huge difference.

My diet consisted of lean meat, basic carbs and fibrous and healthy essential fats. The training was based on hypertrophy in the first stages of prep and thereafter transitioned to cutting, creating a more sculptured physique and as I transitioned into that my diet changed into a leaner source of protein and lower carbs.

The one thing that kept me motivated to keep me going was the desire to bring a condition onto stage that I was happy with. There were times were I thought that I wanted to give up but with the motivation from Jess and Geoff kept me going and they helped me to be positive throughout.

Jess and Geoff are truly passionate about what they do and I believe that they aspired to truly change my life for the better, not only through my competition but my lifestyle as well. Whenever I was unsure about making a decision regarding my eating plan or training they were always there on stand by to communicate to me what I need to know.

I work a full time job with varying shifts on a daily basis and this made it challenging to prep my meals appropriately. Prepping meals is very important because as a fitness model I eat 6 meals a day, once every 2 hours, and skipping a meal means loss of my hard earned gains. This meant I had to prep my meals everyday after work for the next day and find time in my busy day to eat. To add insult to injury closer to the competition I had feasted cardio in the mornings. Initially this was very hard to do but Jess and Geoff taught me discipline in regard to my prep and helped me keep my mind on the goal.

Geoff gave me one-on-one posing lessons and made me feel confident in my posing and routine. The way he taught me was effective and I will never forget it. He customised my posing for my strengths to ensure I showed off my best assets to the judges.

My 12 week transformation was phenomenal and I couldn’t have done it without my sponsor Muscle Works who provides me with all my supplements and Gymspo for my eating plans, training regime and coaching. My body has never looked so good, going into this I could not have imagined that my body would change so much but I surprised myself, Jess and Geoff however, always seemed like they knew my potential.

I was excited, rather than nervous, at my first show, which was IFBB western province champs. I registered for athletic physique, pre-judging was in the morning and then the show was in the evening. After pre-judging I was not sure about how well I did but after the evening show I felt confident that I was going to place first after leaving the stage. It is a feeling you cant describe, maybe it was the reaction from the crowd or the judge’s faces, I just knew.

This earned me my place to compete in SA champs in Johannesburg where I placed 6th. My place qualified me to go to Arnolds next year.


I came across a very cool article while paging through a magazine the other day and I thought it would be of interest
to the family.

Summer is certainly here, we can all feel it and so I often find myself thinking about what to drink, especially in terms of things I should be drinking given my transformational diet I’ve been set.

WHEY LEMONADE or WHEYMOLADE as the article called it!

12 lemons

2 tbsp of natural non-irradiated honey

1 cup of unflavoured whey (if you cant get it, then get a citrus flavoured product)

2.5 litres of filtered water

a few sprigs of mint

  1. Juice the lemons
  2. Pour lemon juice and water into a large enough container
  3. Pour in the honey
  4. Add the whey product
  5. Stir to combine
  6. Add ice and a few slices of lemon for adding zing!

Give it a try and let me know what you think in the comment section below!

Have a great week!



Gymspo continues to help people achieve their goals! Here is a message from Jack

My name is Jack Gasparre And I would like to bare testimony that Geoff Matthee is a great personal trainer. My journey began when my daughters concern over my excess weight was voiced by them. They told me they didn’t want to have to lose me at an earlier age than needed be. I had tried to diet as well as gym but it was not easy without guidance and a push. My discipline was minimal especially because I own an Italian restaurant and enjoy the food.

My daughters 22 and 18 years of age, had an acquaintance that had trained under Geoff and having obtained exceptional results.This prompted my wife now 50 years of age to begin her journey with Geoff. I could not think of anything worse when she tried to convince me to also embark on the journey. After some convincing I reluctantly gave in to my wife’s request. It proved to be the best thing for me to have done.

The more I trained and the more I kept eating according to meal plans provided, the more I would want to train and the less I had the need to want to eat unhealthy. The meal plan furnished was ample, and because I was eating at less intervals I was able to maintain without having the need to binge.

Yes it was difficult to start off with but as I already mentioned, the more I improved, the more I wanted to improve as well as the easier it became to improve. I lost an equivalent of 30 x 500gm of butter. If you can imagine that extra weight I had to carry it will make you understand how and why it becomes easier the longer you stick to the program. I chose to embark on a three month journey whereby I lost numerous pant size as well as kg’s.

What needs to be understood is that “you can bring the horse to the water but you can’t force it to drink” having said that it is always an advantage when you have someone in your corner that knows what they are doing. This such person is Geoff Matthee.

Thank you Geoff for guiding me on my journey.

Jack Gasparre