Another beautiful and motivating message from one of our Gymspo converts!

My journey with Jess Let me start by saying that I have tried almost every fat burner, shake and diet on the market and nothing seemed to work as well as I expected. I followed Jess’ progress and watched her body transform, which led me to wanting the same.

I started a programme with Jess in March and was weighing 55.5kgs. I was very strict and well disciplined with my eating plan, as well as my every day training routine. I just wanted to see instant results and often got despondent, but Jess never failed to keep me going. She encouraged me every single day and pushed me to my limits, even on my bad days.

After 6 weeks I saw a noticeable difference and was extremely pleased. This lead me to stay motivated and dedicated to my goal. Jess was always pleased with my progress, which kept my mind positive and motivated.

I ended my programme in July and was weighing 51.2kgs. I didn’t want to lose any more weight, but to gain lean muscle and tone all round. I was looking the best I’ve ever looked and was so grateful for Jess’s hard work, patience and continuous praise.

Jess is a fantastic coach who has your best interest at heart. She believes in you from day one and is always an inspiration in all she does.. Keep it up!!

Thank you for all you have taught me and shown me through this Journey.

Love from your friend Steph

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