The following is an amazingly motivational letter from one of our clients whose life has transformed since turning to Gymspo.

I have been battling with my weight for the past 5 years… Being menopausal didn’t help .. I have tried many diets many trainers .. Even a prof of endocrinology told me accept yourself and your weight this is what happens at this age !!!!!!

I kinda thought well if this is it .. This is it!!!!

Miserable and fat .. I just carried on eating and just continue to gain until I was weighing a hefty 70 kg on my tiny 1.56 meter frame !!!

At the beginning of April this year, my daughter showed me a before and after picture of a girl she knew, I could not believe the transformation, she looked amazing. We made an appointment to meet Geoff and he explained that he will put me on a scientific eating plan and a training program .. And walking away from the appointment , I thought ok .. Last resort .. Going to give it a try !!! What have I got to lose ?????

Well 6 months later.. I have lost in excess of 17 kg of fat.. I am fitter healthier than I have been in years..

What was different about this coach / trainer .. For one Geoff cares .. He really cares about his clients .. He was there for me when the going got tough .. When I wanted to give up .. He encouraged me to stick to the plan .. He pushed me to do more and as time went by the unbelievable happened , I started to lose weight , and I wasn’t hungry !!! The gym sessions were great .. I have been doing gym for years but now I realize I was going to gym but not actually do anything beneficial,

Geoff has shown me how to train properly , he has such insight and talent , so when you work with the best .. You get the best results.
My journey is on going .. Geoff has taught me how to eat correctly .. How to train properly and with hard work dedication and commitment anything is possible.. Even for me a 50 year old women !!!

Geoff thank you, I am eternally grateful for all you have done..

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